░░Responding to Space | 7 Book Arts Students░░

Responding to Space | Exhibition No.2
Artists: Charlotte Rimmer, Ines M. Ferreira, Lena Wurz, Muqiu Yang, Rita Byon, Xiaoyu Dong, Ling Li

MA Book Arts students at CCA explore the book through individual project proposals, which may encompass multiples, the unique, the precious or ephemeral, installation, digital imaging, paper engineering, documentary or poetry. It focuses on debates concerning the cultural, creative and individual functions of the book. At this point in the course, the students see fit to engage in activities that further their collaborative experiences in strengthening their practice in the gallery context and audience engagement.
‘Responding to the space’ is the exhibition that embodies this collaboration mediated in its roots by the peculiarities of the RAUM Gallery as the prime space for engagement

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