░ The Whisper of In Inheritance | Solo Exhibition ny Ban-Yuan Chang ░

The Whisper of In Inheritance | Solo Exhibition ny Ban-Yuan Chang
Exhibition Opening Times:
7 - 16th of May
Private View: 7th of May

Through a series of wonderfully crafted sculptures, the artists attempts to question the way international students experience archeological findings and sights in museums in Uk and the West in General, in terms of presentation, authenticity and accuracy of information given.
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░ breaking the skin | Exhibition ░

BREAKING THE SKIN | Exhibition at the RAUM Gallery
Exhibition Opening Times: 24 May - 03 June 2016
Private View: 24 of May


Breaking the Skinbrings together five artists from three different UAL colleges in an exhibition that questions the nature of the medium/material, through a series of art works that challenge their physicality. The shapes, value and substance of the medium become transformed by the intrusion of another material. These intrusions may transform some mediums from smooth and delicate to rough and heavy changing their original structure,identity and value.
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▒ PACKIT | Solo Exhibition by Jack Waddington ▒

PACKIT -Solo Exhibition by Jack Waddington | RAUM Gallery
Exhibition Opening times: 16th - 22nd of May 2016
Private View: 17th of May 2016

Short Documentary of Jacks work directed & produced by Donald Takeshita Guy & Anthi Evangelou 

Jack Waddington light-heartedly reflects on the narcissistic and self-rewarding notion of creation by compulsively exploring a fictional metropolis 'Packit'. Accepting the remedial qualities of creation, he imitates noticeable sensations through drawings, paintings and sculptural works. To expand his universe to a wider one, he intends to expose a concentrated territory and allow the audience a response to the proportions at play.

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░Up Up & Away | Shortlisted F.Diploma Artists░

UP UP & AWAY | Shortlisted artists of the Foundation Diploma Art and Design of CCA
Exhibition Opening times: 9th - 15th ofMay
Prize giving: Friday 13th May, 5pm

⤷ During the week of CCW Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Summer Show 2016 a selection of Foundation students were also offered to display at a new gallery space, Raum Gallery, at Camberwell College of Arts. CCW Engagement Coordinator Samira Tristani, Gallery Coordinators Donald Takeshita-Guy and Anthi Evangelou, and Foundation Diploma Art Pathway Leader Laurence Noga speak about the show.
Video Directed & Produced by Anthi Evangelou & Donald Takeshita-Guy

░░ Me You Me: Boxing at Camberwell ░ by Stephanie Spindler

Site Spesific work by Stephanie Spindler (2nd Year Phd Candidate - Chelsea College of Art)
Dates: 2nd - 6th of May 2016 | RAUM Gallery
Artist Talk on Thursday 5th of May, 18:00

This practice-led research seeks to explore the structure of experience, using the philosophy of phenomenology with a feminist perspective in relation to a sculptural installation practice. I am working with representation, materiality, and experience; and spatial, temporal, and performative elements that are central to the ontological questions of the nature of space, time, and the sexed body.
The sculptural installation practice generates questions from the performativity of making and engagement with the artwork: How might a sculptural installation art practice manifest new perspectives from a feminist phenomenological perspective through the specificities of a sexed body and material, spatial, and temporal considerations? How might a concept of a phenomenal woman shift expectations of female identity and make explicit the role of the sentient body as a means of knowing through a creative practice?
The practice is an enactment of a feminist phenomenology, supported by theories of embodiment and new materialism. It is the investigation of the interrelation of what can happen between things, between the viewer and the artwork and the constitution of the encounter of the artwork that is most vital to experience, representation, materiality, and what a phenomenal woman might be.

A Talk by artist Stephanie Spindler in the RAUM Gallery about her exhibition ME You Me in the context of her research.

░░Responding to Space | 7 Book Arts Students░░

Responding to Space | Exhibition No.2
Artists: Charlotte Rimmer, Ines M. Ferreira, Lena Wurz, Muqiu Yang, Rita Byon, Xiaoyu Dong, Ling Li

MA Book Arts students at CCA explore the book through individual project proposals, which may encompass multiples, the unique, the precious or ephemeral, installation, digital imaging, paper engineering, documentary or poetry. It focuses on debates concerning the cultural, creative and individual functions of the book. At this point in the course, the students see fit to engage in activities that further their collaborative experiences in strengthening their practice in the gallery context and audience engagement.
‘Responding to the space’ is the exhibition that embodies this collaboration mediated in its roots by the peculiarities of the RAUM Gallery as the prime space for engagement

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